London Tube Strikes

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Okay so the tube strikes in London are going to be at the forefront of today’s blog, admittedly a short one as I’m typing while on the bus and I get motion sick…possibly not a good idea. 

My trip to work and back took me just under 4 hours yesterday. I’m currently only at London Bridge, the journey there was reasonable, waiting for a bus…… was ridiculous! First it took over 20 minutes for one to arrive and then after that, we had to wait another 15mins for a bus that was accepting more passengers.
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Living in the NOW

It feels like ages since I’ve written and shared my thoughts with you. I’m in a really good place at the moment, extremely relaxed and looking forward to the challenges of next week. I’m sat with a group of great friends in one of the most amazing places that I’ve ever visited, Natural Mystic is one of the new villas at Mount Edge. So beautiful and peaceful, set in the Blue Mountain Range of Jamaica.


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Finally made that jump…


San San, Port Antonio in Jamaica...wouldn't it be great to coach on the beach!

San San, Port Antonio in Jamaica…wouldn’t it be great to coach on the beach!

It’s amazing how much can happen or change within a few days. On Friday, I handed in my official notice…I thought I would be more apprehensive, more worried about not having a job to go to in September. I know that’s a long time away – time seems to move quicker the older I get. Do you find that?

So the plan is to begin ‘Coaching’ in my own Practice by September the latest. I’ve been working on the website again and hopefully that will be up and running very soon. So stay tuned, I let you know where you can find me. Continue reading