Do you ever feel like you’re juggling a million and one things and you’re petrified that something might fall. That’s how I’m feeling today, a little overwhelmed if I’m honest. In truth it’s not because I haven’t had the time – well at least not this week. I’ve had the time, I’ve just been caught up in a time of fear. A fear of moving forward, a fear of change and I guess you could say a fear of the unknown.

What’s worse is that I recognised this in myself and I know that the best way for me to combat this feeling is to look at my ‘limiting beliefs’ and overwrite them. I haven’t been as proactive as I should have and started re-writing them earlier this week – I am however doing that now.

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London to…….

Just sat on the train from London to…..the destination isn’t really important what is, is the journey. So this morning as I began my journey on the DLR, I was reminded that beauty can be found everywhere we look and that there is always a story to be told…

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First Post by Mobile

Is it just me or does time just disappear?

For this week’s post I thought I’d see if I’d be able to post directly from my mobile phone. The pros- that’s easy, I spend so much time travelling to and from work that, this would be a brilliant way to keep up with posting each week. I tend to also always have my phone on me.

Drawbacks? Small screen and thumb typing.
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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching – I can hearing you asking the questions already….what is that, what does it entail and do parents really need coaching?

These were certainly some of the questions that I was asking myself as I made the trek to north London and beyond, well only to Buckinghamshire. Only a trek because of the number of trains I needed to take to get me there. Anyway I stray from the point of todays post: Parent Coaching. 

So I’m sat in a room with a number of coaches and trainee coaches, we’re all excited to be together and interested in learning something new. I will admit that although I was interested in learning something new, I didn’t really envision myself holding parenting workshops or targeting parents specifically as I work predominately with young people aged 12-16. Continue reading