Putting pen to paper to express how excited and thrilled I am seems to be eluding me slightly, so I’m going to apologize in advance for drifting all over the place – although, I am beginning to think that this is part of my style, or at the very least the way my brain works. It could be the fact that I seem to constantly be juggling…

The truth is, I still can’t believe that I handed everything in and that not only did I complete the course, I aced it:

Curly Martin ‏@CurlyMartin  Jun 20@down_k_ann @down_k_ann Congratulations! Your coursework was excellent &your thesis is passionate & thought provoking. I wish you huge success in life.

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The little engine that could…

I remember my father reading me the story of the little engine that could. I loved story time with my parents, each would take turns reading or telling me the story. I must admit growing up in my household was great! My parents’ story telling skills…awe-inspiring. I’ve only seen one story teller to rival them and she lives on the Isle of Coll- however, I digress.

I’m excited and thrilled because like the little engine that could. I did. I completed my coursework, my case studies, my coaching log, my thesis and my final assessment!! Yeah!!! I am so so so so excited (Kell will so tell me off for the poor use of English in this post – it’s okay though, ’cause I’m finished). Continue reading