The little engine that could…

I remember my father reading me the story of the little engine that could. I loved story time with my parents, each would take turns reading or telling me the story. I must admit growing up in my household was great! My parents’ story telling skills…awe-inspiring. I’ve only seen one story teller to rival them and she lives on the Isle of Coll- however, I digress.

I’m excited and thrilled because like the little engine that could. I did. I completed my coursework, my case studies, my coaching log, my thesis and my final assessment!! Yeah!!! I am so so so so excited (Kell will so tell me off for the poor use of English in this post – it’s okay though, ’cause I’m finished).

Is it just me or do you find the last steps the hardest? I really struggled with the thesis and finishing off my coursework. I had this irrational fear. I was so worried about failing that I almost didn’t complete it and then I remembered the little engine that could. Sure, its just a story that we tell children, the meaning though is so important. There are times when giving up seems like the best thing to do. It’s certainly the easier option. Easier isn’t always better and in truth I wanted this qualification. I know that I am a good coach and the work that I have done with young people over the past two years has reinforced my view. Getting accredited means that I can start my own business, my own practice and be safe in the knowledge that I’ve gained. I believe in what I’m doing and therefore I went and got the training needed, I also realized that I will continue to get training, so that I can be the best I can be. Watch this space and I’ll  let you know how it pans out.

I’m finding it difficult to express how happy and thrilled I am that I completed everything that I needed to in order to qualify as a Life Coach. Just waiting on my results now and yes, I’m nervous, like, totally nervous. The excitement is still there and I feel like dancing on the ceiling and shouting for joy.

I must admit that I was really struggling, everything seemed to be getting in the way, everybody seemed to be calling, there was no where I could go to focus and just write, even the library was jam packed…and then I prayed about it, sometimes I feel as if I shouldn’t waste God’s time on small stuff. You know what though, without His Grace, I wouldn’t have handed it in on Thursday. I am so grateful.

So I’m off to dance and sing and rejoice in knowing that this part of my journey is just about to start the next phase. I’m currently working on my website so if you have any feedback please drop me a line. Have a great week, K


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