Destination Unknown


Sun rises, rays light up the room
I wake to feelings of nothing
I’m holding it all in
Afraid to think
Afraid to feel
Afraid to let the emotions come tumbling in

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I’m not sure if these knots in my stomach are from excitement or fear or maybe a bit of both. My hearts pounding just that little bit harder every time I think about all the things left to do.

I’m not just packing a few bags, I’m packing up my life here in the UK…the enormity of what I’m doing is finally beginning to hit me. In less than 14 days, I’ll be in the air flying towards my new destination, my new life. I know it’s time for me to leave and I know I’ll be back for holidays and such…it’s just that the UK has been my home for so long.

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Coaching Journey…

With any field it is essential to continue on that journey of learning. Since leaving university I have worked with young people, whether it be as a teacher, trainer, programme co-or donator, behaviour mentor and now as a coach. So I find myself on this slightly dreary Sunday morning making the two hour journey across London to learn about ‘Youth in Transition’.
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