Coaching Journey…

With any field it is essential to continue on that journey of learning. Since leaving university I have worked with young people, whether it be as a teacher, trainer, programme co-or donator, behaviour mentor and now as a coach. So I find myself on this slightly dreary Sunday morning making the two hour journey across London to learn about ‘Youth in Transition’.

Although the journey across London has been a bit of an adventure, I’m still really excited about the one day course. As part of my ‘Youth Impact Coaching Diploma’ there are a number of accelerator days that one has to attend, I believe I’ve mentioned a few previous, what’s brilliant about them is that you come away with so much energy and enthusiasm!! At least I have. So even though the journey is a touch arduous, it is so worth it.

Trying to remember to pay attention to the stations as the train pulls in so I remember to get off at the correct stop.

This will be my last accelerator day, as I relocate overseas before the next one. So it’s apt that my last course is about youth transition while I myself am going through my own transition. Even the journey today is helping me to focus and look at transitions in a different way.

I’m looking forward to all that I’ll learn today as well as catching up with all the other coaches. A few more stops before I change trains again so I better sign off now and pay close attention.



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