I’m not sure if these knots in my stomach are from excitement or fear or maybe a bit of both. My hearts pounding just that little bit harder every time I think about all the things left to do.

I’m not just packing a few bags, I’m packing up my life here in the UK…the enormity of what I’m doing is finally beginning to hit me. In less than 14 days, I’ll be in the air flying towards my new destination, my new life. I know it’s time for me to leave and I know I’ll be back for holidays and such…it’s just that the UK has been my home for so long.

Don’t get me wrong, I made this decision to leave with my eyes wide open and I’ve made sure to do it gradually to reduce the risk of ‘reverse culture shock’ as much as possible. The last time I lived in Jamaica was more than 10 years and I’m a very different person now.

The clock is truly ticking, I’m beginning to feel the pressure and I’m worried that I’m beginning to take it out on those near by…especially those that I already struggle to hold my tongue with. I know part of the problem is that I’m being hard on myself and expecting too much. I’ve done less coaching than I would have liked these past few weeks – that’s part of the frustration. It’s also the waiting, the saying goodbye, the leaving behind…


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