Destination Unknown


Sun rises, rays light up the room
I wake to feelings of nothing
I’m holding it all in
Afraid to think
Afraid to feel
Afraid to let the emotions come tumbling in

The taxi arrives, 15 mins late
He’s running on Nigerian time
The pressure begins to mount
and the tears, they begin to fall
tumbling down the face that stayed so brave
the face that pretended that it was all okay

Arrive at the airport safe and sound
Distracted by delays that seem too many
I pray my bags aren’t too  heavy…
No time to think
the bags are gone and now its my turn
I head to security and of course get stopped
searched from head to toe
is it cause I is black?
Who knows…

Finally through fast track and off to the lounge,
First Class, I’ll have you know
found a way to keep my spirits up
It’s time to leave, I know
It’s time to return home…Is it?

The doubt is there, the fear
Am I doing the right thing?
Have I made the right choice?
Have I made the move too late?

So many questions and I haven’t even had breakfast yet…




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