Juneplums was born from the serendipity of two friends simultaneously training for careers in the wellness industry. K-Ann was training to be a life-coach while Kells was training to be a yoga teacher. We were learning so much – and had so many questions – that we thought we would open our thoughts on our process to a larger community. We each post weekly on wellness, life coaching, yoga, teaching, and the various changes that come with life changes. Please join us in the exploration.

You can contact us via gmail at twojuneplums



Its been all change with me since we started this blog, I am now a qualified Life Coach in the process of setting up my practice – clients from all over the world are welcome. I currently have clients in the UK, USA and Jamaica, would love to hear from you at KD Life Coaching.

I was born and spent my childhood in ‘the green isles of the Indies…’, Jamaica, for those unfamiliar with the quote from our National Pledge. I grew up in a mixed race, multicultural, dual nationality household- confusing a times, figuring out what my identity was, yet always filled with love.

For me the blog is about change and balance as well as finding and enjoying the journey of a fulfilling life. In truth it is me stepping out of my comfort zone and well into that stretch zone. It’s about ongoing learning in every aspect of life.

Contact: My twitter account reflects my random thoughts, rants and feelings on a number of topics, still new to the whole Twitter thing. If you’re interested, I’d love to connect with you at @down_k_ann. Or, email Kells and I here.



In my day-to-day, I toggle between academic life and yoga, trying to balance the two to enable me to be the best me at both. I teach yoga in Brooklyn and Caribbean Literature at the City University of New York. In essence, I am a teacher. Whether I am teaching literature, yoga, or how to run the cash register at the food coop, I find that I enjoy passing on knowledge, especially knowledge that makes a difference in someone’s life. K-Ann would say that I just like to tell folks what to do, and maybe she’s right, but whatever the reason, I gravitate toward teaching and most of the time I feel I am good at it.

Projects: My latest web project tries to meld yoga and academia. Read more at calmstrength.net. You can also read more about my academic life and projects at kbjosephs.net.

Contact: My yoga teaching schedule and special events are listed here. My twitter account reflects my schizophrenic life. If you’re cool with that, I’d love to connect with you at @kbjosephs. Or, email K-Ann and I here.




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